Past, Present and Future

My names Codie. I’ve lived all across the U.S. but Colorado is my home. When I'm not running around with a camera in my hand, you'll probably find me looking at stupid memes while laughing to myself and eating chicken nuggets. Ground breaking,  very sophisticated. I'm aware. 

I've always loved photography, but if you would've asked me five years ago if being a full time photographer would be my job, I probably would've laughed at you. My plans were to graduate from a university and enter the workforce. It was a decent, cookie-cutter plan, but like many of you have probably experienced, life had other ideas.

At 19 I felt called to serve in the United States Air Force as a photojournalist. My mother had half a heart attack when I told her I was dropping out of school to pursue this path, but as veteran herself, she understood my decision.

I have been lucky enough to travel to several different countries and document the men and women dedicated to keeping America safe. I've learned to capture a story past a uniform and capture the individual. I quickly discovered this was my strength and my passion. Like the cliche says, a picture is worth a thousand words. I intend to make those thousand words mean something.


After four years on the job, I decided to branch out of operational documentation. Why limit myself to telling one story when I could be telling all of YOURS.


Whether it is a wedding, portrait, engagement session or any shoot your heart desires, I will capture moments that will last you a lifetime. 


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